The application of CVD diamond
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Diamond of artificial synthesis big single crystal and PCD, PDC all issues synthesis in condition of high temperature high pressure, and CVD diamond issues preparation in low pressure. The gas that contain carbon and aerobic mixture are mixed in high temperature fall to be aroused to decompose under standard atmosphere pressure, form active diamond carbon is atomic, diamond of deposit on matrix alternant unripe long Cheng Jujing (or control deposit gives birth to chief condition deposit to grow diamond single crystal perhaps allows single crystal) . Because any metallic activator are not contained in CVD diamond, accordingly its thermal stability is close to natural diamond. With high temperature high pressure artificial synthesis gets together brilliant diamond is same, CVD diamond grain also is shown arrange without foreword, without brittleness cleavage face, because this presents isotropy. As a result of characteristic of function of diamond many sided, diamond film got applied extensively in a lot of respects, list below among them a few respects.
Mechanical nature applies CVD diamond. Diamond tall rigidity, tall wearability makes diamond filmy make admirable tool material. Regard a tool as material, diamond film can differ by two kinds applied form. Diamond film comes off after the first kind of form will be deposit come down, try afresh next cut, abrade, solder to carry a department to the tool. Because intensity of solder of this kind of drill rod is far under PDC material diamond strength combines between layer and hard alloy. Apply at interrupted cutting when it, its interfacial connection appears very flimsy. If can solve problem of solder of CVD diamond drill rod, so aux will be able to of material of CVD diamond cutting tool is the same as PCD material to compete in whole machining domain quite. This kind of material and PCD photograph are compared, have thermal stability service life of good, tool grows a good point. Intensity of the cohesion between defect grain is low, material shows greater internal stress and brittleness. Additional, because CVD diamond lacks conductivity, block up this material applies to electric spark cut and polishing processing technique. And this technology processes trade in diamond cutting tool, blade of lumber cutting tool is ground and weigh blade to grind especially on got applied extensively. The 2nd kind of form diamond film direct deposit arrives tool apparently, filmy ply is thinner, cost is inferior. This kind of method also has inadequacy: Deposit film adds exert oneself to rise not easily to underlay material.
Property of CVD diamond heat applies. CVD diamond an importance pledges it has extremely tall thermal conductance. Below room temperature condition, diamond thermal conductance copper is fivefold. In the meantime, itself wonderful insulating material. Because this can use diamond film,make material of radiator of component of high power photoelectron.
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