The material of production HSK knife handle selects an analysis
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From HSK hollow since technology of short awl handle appears, alive bound each country gets applied extensively. As we have learned, europe and North America a few users, a few problems were encountered when use HSK knife handle. Appear main reason depends on these problems, they are undeserved to making material of HSK knife handle choose. 
DIN standard provided figure of geometry of HSK knife handle only, and what use data without the regulation. So, what supplier of almost all tool produces HSK knife handle, consult completely traditional 7: 24 awl handle will produce. HSK is hollow short awl handle " hollow " itself has potential problem with respect to the specification: Namely axial is sectional very small, apparent this HSK is hollow short awl handle weak point. 
Traditional knife handle is made by alloy steel commonly, next or the surface quenchs or finishing, got surface of a hard wear-resisting and tenacity core (HRC32 ~ 36) . These heat treatment processes (change like cementite and ionic nitrogen, hardness can amount to HRC58 ~ 62, make an appointment with 1mm deep) to 7: 24 awl handle suits very much, the price is not expensive also. Because it has enough cross section, be out of shape not easily actually so. Go up according to industry can accept directive standard, this kind of dimension stabilizes matrix to written guarantee two kinds of function faultlessly quite for an organic whole -- have softer and tenacity core ministry, can avoid good appearance because of be out of shape blowout falls off, have again very wear-resisting is hard the surface.
But hollow to HSK short awl authority is different, it by make it structure sectional very small, to HSK63 HSK of the following small norms is hollow short awl handle comes without core of strong pliable but strong bearing is hard the surface, in every time clamp, should get in loose loop very big impact, be handed in in cutting process again by dynamic crankle change load, in temper by dipping in water hard brittleness place may appear tiny flaw, in petiole of HSK knife handle a few place, right bigger pull stress very sensitive. The keyway when these place have face of 30 ° clamp, torque to deliver and surface of main shaft contact and radial and perforative aperture and keyway bottom, undercut bottom is the closest place. These tiny flaw expand along with time discover hard, do not mix through microscope in fact special detect the method discovers these change very hard. It is normal that a knife handle looks the job, once overload, in concentration of stress of occurrence crackle place, happen probably when reaching critical value rupture. In use process, this kind of brittleness ruptures to may happen at any time.
Some make a manufacturer show sexual stuff with temper by dipping in water. At this moment, sectional go up differentia property cardinal principle is same, knife handle is outspread rate, succumb intensity and impact strength may achieve optimal combination. But, the look is hard to exterior temper by dipping in water knife handle, its hardness lowest (make an appointment with low 5 ~ 6HRC) . This kind of knife handle lacks impact strength, not wear-resisting, because this often must change. 
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