The psychometry of garnet is measured
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Garnet most suffer people to love one of gem: Having a variety of color, and the most valuable phyletic and bright-coloured cardinal. 
Gu Ai and support of the people are Phoenician think garnet has effect of very strong therapy, use extensively at snakebite, bromatoxism, and concern a disease with blood. Hold person can have happiness to reach never discontinuous love, and can make confidence enhances hundredfold, won't suffer from suffer from melancholia. When regarding necklace as it, although also look in darkness,be clear about glorious of the red like its that blaze. In archaic fokelore, garnet is not concealed, although be put inside the dress, also can discover its brightness. The Noah's ark in fokelore relies on garnet to come illume. 
Garnet is right for hypophysis, very important and lapidary, can promote cerebral prolapse action, increase person memory, make person clarity recalls the past event. 
Garnet can produce effect to endocrine of human body lower part. Want to let a patient bending over only when cure, will lapidary park its coccyx position can. Such, can feel its are oscillatory slowly, resemble having rhythm treatment so, must last a few months, the patient just can appear to already purified consciousness. 
When carrying out this kind to purify a technology, must want to have patience. Garnet has powerful force gem. If the patient prepares without psychology to this, bring harm easily instead. 