Emery wheel processes raw material
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1. abrasive
Stone mill of King Kong of bond of pottery and porcelain is provided contain two kinds of abrasive, namely advocate abrasive diamond and auxiliary abrasive carborundum.
(1) diamond
Intensity of machinery of bond of pottery and porcelain reachs his to be opposite diamond bonding strength all excel colophony bond, it is good that reason chooses diamond function to should compare colophony bond, can choose diamond of low grade MBD. But exorbitant grade diamond also is not had necessary, because brittleness of bond of pottery and porcelain is big, wear-resisting ability is limited, high quality diamond has not develop grinding action adequately to may fall off namely. Reason also can choose RVD sometimes kind diamond.
(2) green carborundum
As auxiliary abrasive, ask he has certain cutting capacity, and green carborundum is opposite exclusively hard alloy kind material has cutting capacity common abrasive. Reason diamond always chooses green carborundum to serve as auxiliary abrasive in the layer. In be not diamond layer, auxiliary abrasive has framework material effect only actually, reason can choose the price inferior abrasive, be like corundum, should satisfy only firing hind intensity asks can. But as a result of carborundum a variety of physics function are close to diamond, and carborundum is contained in working layer, it is OK also that reason blame uses green carborundum in working layer.
2. Bo expects
Bo makings has conclusive effect to function of bond of pottery and porcelain, be like firing temperature, expand function, right diamond soak function, anti-impact properties, etc.
Low temperature is firing King Kong stone mill provides major attribute of bond of pottery and porcelain, the glass that contain boron is fused temperature is low, agree with stone mill of King Kong of production pottery and porcelain is provided, glass of glass of the zinc that be like boron, boracic barium lithium, raw material of compositive vitreous body is main and respective corresponding pure oxide, the part contains corresponding oxide mineral.
The raw material that contain boron is main boric acid, its melting point is extremely low, have 148 ℃ only, yi Rong at water, drying and the anhydride that become boron, he exists with B O form in boracic glass, he and zinc oxide, silica form boracic silicate glass. Bond of this department glass has good wetability to diamond can, have and diamond is close to coefficient of expansion very much. In the industry on production pure boric acid can pick raw material.
The raw material that contain zinc is main zinc oxide, melting point of zinc oxide itself is as high as 1975 ℃ , when he and boracic silicon form glass, become a kind of better flux, grinding firing when have the effect that urge frit. Pure zinc oxide of industry of the choice on production is raw material.
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