Hill of first 2008 elder brother (land home) Fair of international machinery mou
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  Begin time: 2008-10-15

End time: 2008-10-18

Exhibit meeting site: City of mould of machinery of Shi Tailong international

Sponsor an unit: Jiangsu saves mould industry association

Undertake unit: Home of land of city of elder brother hill presses down people government

City of mould of machinery of Shi Tailong international

Postpone meeting introduction: Hill of first 2008 elder brother (land home) mechanical mould Fair is the equipment such as a machinery, mould, hardware the industry distinguished gathering of production company territory, it is the exposition of domestic and international well-known trademark that is full of business chance. At the appointed time, enterprise of the magnate of equipment line of business that will have country and the area such as home, Euramerican, Han Ri, Taiwan and relevant form a complete set attends a meeting ginseng exhibit, reveal new product, new technology, new facility. This second Fair is set beforehand exhibit more than 1200, city of mould of grand of peaceful of be an official will coordinate each resource actively, through the much channel such as tall artillery piece, website, all-around, stereo type strong conduct propaganda is popularized, the manufacturer that invites the industry such as mechanical, mould, hardware, agency, agent, trafficker, technology purchases personnel, attend a meeting ginseng exhibit, negotiate, purchase, creat for both sides of supply and demand cooperative good chance.

Extend meeting range:

Machine tool: Mill of machine tool of line cut treatment, common lathe, numerical control lathe, engraving tool, machine combining a model, coordinate grinds various machining center, numerical control electric spark machine tool of the machine, milling machine, boring machine, grinder, drilling machine, machine that fold a turn, plane shear, punch, forging press, .

Machine tool fittings: Component of electric equipment of machine tool accessory, fittings, auxiliary material, machine tool, function and component

Measure an instrument: Measuring projector, measure microscope, measure chief instrument, all-purpose tool microscope, metallographic microscope, biology microscope, polarizing 100 thousand minutes of a variety of telescope such as appearance of reflection of microscope, stereomicroscope, Abbe, glossiness appearance, spectrometer, vernier calipers, micrometer, watches, flat, square box, measure, whorl ring gauge

Tool clamping apparatus: Of all kinds high accurate oil pressure is automatic clamping apparatus, protect pressure clamping apparatus, flexible clamping apparatus, collet

Numerical control cutting tool: Belt of cutting tool of of all kinds numerical control, lathe tool, milling cutter, broach, reamer, planing tool, knife, boring cutter, broach, arbor, thread tool

Abrade product: Machine of abrasive of man-made of muller, arenaceous belt, emery cloth, emery wheel, holystone, oilstone, polisher, light act the role ofing, grind segment, cut piece wait
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