Material of stone of German Nuremberg international and processing technique wer
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Extend meeting time: On May 20, 2009 - 23 day
Exhibit meeting site:     of   of center of German Nuremberg exhibition
Undertake unit: Beijing is filled with year of international to meet exhibit limited company
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Material of ◆ natural stone kind: Marble, bean curd stone, porphyritic, arenaceous stone, stone stone, limestone, dolomite, stone lumber raw material, gravestone stone, lu Yuanshi, ground brick, culture stone, cathedral uses stone, shi Deng, stone bowl, stone bottle, stone carving, flag, stage face plate, wallboard, door window frame, stair, things of kitchen / bathroom, fountain, stone stool, stone desk, fireplace, stone column;
Enginery of exploitation of ◆ stone material: Stiletto equipment, break up equipment, diamond curiums piece, large curium machine, the rope curiums, band saw, fretsaw, the bridge curiums, abrade / smashs / polish is mechanical, finishing equipment, decorate a border implement, outline is machined implement, pneumatic tool, dynamoelectric tool, pump;
◆ stone material carries equipment kind: Assemble and unassemble automatically equipment, transmission belt, crane, weigh a truck, stone material is carried and pack, goods is acting, container;
◆ Shi Caiwei protects and repair kind: Material of things of stone material conserve and equipment, of all kinds stone is cleaned, defend, face-lifting, maintain things, stone material is decorated, agglutinant, abrasive, adhesive, colophony, mortar.
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
  of Stone + Tec 2009, namely material of two years of stone of German Nuremberg international and processing technique exhibition, it is the oldest professional stone capable person on current world is exhibited one of. The Stone + Tec that concluded in victory of center of German Nuremberg exhibition 2008, exhibit an area 91, 000 square metre, come from world each district 963 enterprises, germany has 390 ginseng to postpone a business, and the say Italy that element has stone material kingdom has 245, of European area still have Turkey, Spain, France, Australia, china has 144 ginseng to postpone business, india postpones business 52, brazil 18. Exhibit there is 41 during the meeting, 084 professional audiences attend exhibit meeting, among them of 34 % exhibit business to come from Germany, 66 % to come from Europe and other area. This is exhibited can exhibit business and audience to provide a very good communication platform to join. Of 3/4 exhibited business to bring respective new product and new technology. The ginseng of 95 % exhibits business to greet the professional audience that comes from world each district, among them, very exhibit business to have fixed audience, and the ginseng of half above exhibits what business can find appropriate, satisfaction over to buy the home. There is infinite business chance here, no matter be to join,exhibit business or audience, give this to exhibit very can high opinion, and most ginseng exhibits business to make clear below will attend even.
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