Material of American ceramic tile, stone and shakedown material were exhibited 2
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Extend meeting time: On April 17, 2009 - 20 day
Exhibit meeting site: Center of exhibition of American Chicago McCormick
Sponsor an unit: National Trade Productions, inc.
Hold cycle: Annual
Chinese group exhibits: Beijing is filled with year of international to meet exhibit limited company
Sign up end: Exhibit order end
Material of American ceramic tile, stone and shakedown material exhibited 2009 postpone meeting introduction: County of Ao Lan much orange can exhibit a center to hold. Anticipate will many 30000 are exhibited domestic and internationally business attends with visiting business. At the same time Orlando returns an assemble dealer of the expert of building materials industry of a large number of major, floor, at the appointed time they also will attend to be exhibited this for a short while in this meeting. Material of American international pottery and porcelain, stone and shakedown material exposition are the United States the oldest stone capable person, ceramic tile and shakedown material major are exhibited meeting, annual, open to professional audience only. Should exhibit meeting from 1990 since holding, times get material of global pottery and porcelain, stone and attention of shakedown data industry.
Because the United States builds the market to present volatile growth, the demand that is like wall brick floor tile and stone material to importing building materials is very big. The United States is the main export area of product of Chinese stone material and architectural pottery, but export volume still lags behind at the country such as Italy and Spain to be exported to the United States far. With brick of stone material, wall, floor tile character, china is on beautiful square relevant product to import the 8th of the country only. Opposite China is right the 2nd large trade of American is companionate position (China exceeded 234 billion dollar to American exit 2006) , in the near future, the product such as stone material of China and architectural pottery has very great growth potential on American market.
Covering 08, the trade grand meeting with material of material of global ceramic tile, stone, ground and relevant product the most essential industry, will be Chinese stone material, architectural pottery and shakedown data firm, trafficker the channel with partner, develop is searched to exhibit marketing the most important in the United States.
Reviewing of previous term or session:
Ao Lan much ceramic tile and stone material exposition exhibited 2008 the area exceeds 50, 000 square metre, mutual come from the whole world manufacturer of many 2600 pottery and porcelain of 88 countries, Shicai and trading company attend this grand meeting. Attract in all during the exhibition will include Italy, Germany, Brazil, Argentine, Turkey and China oneself inside the professional audience of 130 countries amounts to more than 40000.
Limits of item on display:
◆ of all kinds pottery and porcelain, ceramic tile: Lacquer ceramic tile, edge ceramic tile, glass ceramic tile, manual lacquer ceramic tile, clinker, swim ceramic tile of brick of pool ceramic tile, top, characteristic, building and; of adornment pottery and porcelain
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