Material of Russia international stone was exhibited 2009 with Fair
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Time: On June 24, 2009 - 27 day
Place: Center of exhibition of Muscovite complete Russia
Sponsor an unit: Expostroy Na Nakhimovskom
[exhibit can brief introduction]
Exhibition of a year of material of Russia international stone and Fair, sponsorring just is Expostroy Na Nakhimovskom, the house was exhibited to hold many already successfully in this many exhibit meeting. 2008 exhibiting an area is 8 square metre, have come from 280 ginseng that include Russia inside to postpone business, have 9 in all among them, 000 much professional personages look around.
Material of Russia international stone is exhibited is the professional stone capable person that Russia has dimensions and force most is exhibited, provide quite in area of middle east Europe famous degree, it is the most important channel that company of production of global stone timber and trading company develop partner and product of sale stone material in Russia.
[exhibit can setting]
Russia economy anabiosises, construction of foreign investment, foundation and estate market rise continuously, basically rely on an entrance to the demand of stone material. Statistic shows, russia stone material imported sort to basically include marble, granitic, slate and monument to wait 2008, quantity of number of feed inlet exceeds 12, 000 tons. In the meantime, because local stone material machines course of study to develop, the demand that machines equipment and tool to stone material is very exuberant also, current, the device that place of stone lumber company uses major Russia all comes from Italy and other developing country.
At present Russia economy grows quickly, burgeoning real estate rises momentum is powerful, the industrial structure of nearly two years of complete Russia and business build complete area to be achieved respectively with the room 300 million square metre and 180 million square metre, the summation of before be equivalent to almost 10 years of floor area, building materials market year trading business volume is close already 10 billion dollar. In addition, change old house of extend project, town in great quantities to transform, bridal chamber construction and the demand that decorate, a string of 1 to building adornment to use stone material, clapboard a material, wallpaper, floor, hutch guards door of steel of equipment, model window and metallic hardware demand day is added increasingly. But as a result of historical reason, the light industry of Russia develops not quite all the time, much material must be imported from abroad. At present the high price of European country makes together with general Russian not dare make inquires, this left huge market gap for good in quality and cheap in price China building materials, already product of building materials of a few China enters Russia market now, annual trading business volume already approached 500 million dollar. Russia develops with harmony of our country relation in last few years, of the rapid development as two countries economy and market economic system ceaseless and perfect, cooperation of bilateral classics trade walks out of the past basically already to depend on the onefold situation that merchandise trade and governmental agreement give priority to. Be worth what carry is, with in Russian premier meets regularly movement of various negotiation mechanism is efficient between the two countries that is core, solve the problem that two countries appears in each domain collaboration to coordinate, attach most importance to project of collaboration of old economy technology carry out offerred effective mechanism to ensure, the development that trade of bilateral to future classics concerns also has very important sense. It is to be us to enter Russia market to open good channel more!
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