Exhibition of material of Brazilian Victoria stone
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Extend meeting time: 2009-02-10 comes 2009-02-13
Exhibit meeting site: America / center of exhibition of Brazilian comforter city
The exhibition is periodic: 1 / year
Sponsor an unit: Company of exhibition of Milanez & Milaneze
Postpone meeting introduction:
"Material of stone of Brazilian Victoria international is exhibited " it is by Brazil famous stone capable person exhibits meeting orgnaization Milanez & Milaneze to exhibit a company to sponsor, it is the professional stone capable person with the oldest latin america is exhibited. Exhibit since can be being held oneself, give world stone material the firm, manufacturer of stone material machine provided a mutual communication and trading platform. Brazil is one of nations with the marble on the world, granitic geological the largest reserve, 10% what its crop takes the world about. Comforter city is Brazil place of production of main stone timber, it is the base of stone material exit with the mainest Brazil, it is the world machine of the 3rd big cut focuses the land. Material of this city stone extracted the quantity achieves 2.5 million tons 2005, 47% what hold total output of Brazilian stone material. And Victoria of this city metropolis is Brazilian stone material basically carries haven.
Current, stone material of Brazil machines machinery to compare ageing, will provide manufacturing company to offer good market chance for machinist of material of our country stone. Material of Brazilian Victoria stone was exhibited 2009 will continue to exhibit a center to hold in comforter city, welcome new old client to follow get collect extend latin america market.
Limits of item on display:
◆ stone material kind: Marble, granitic, limestone, quartz, arenaceous stone; Brick of plank of material of of all kinds and natural stone, ground, wallboard, stage face plate, stone of gravestone stone, stone carving, culture, material of stone of road brick, square brick, environment, mosaic, gardens stone.
Tool of ◆ stone material kind: Cut tool, polisher, transmission system, diamond tool and product part are ground machine, project stone material, carve a tool, measure a tool, stone material mould, the hand uses a tool, dynamoelectric tool, gush arenaceous burnish, arenaceous stone, break up a machine, hoisting, forklift, arenaceous curium, the rope curiums, the platoon curiums,
◆ stone material extracts and safeguard kind: Barren of material of of all kinds and natural stone expects, mine mine equipment, stonecutter, the rope curiums machine, decide large aircraft, material of things of stone material conserve and equipment, of all kinds stone is cleaned, defend, face-lifting, maintain things, stone material is decorated, agglutinant, abrasive, adhesive, concrete polish, transmission system, colophony.
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Beijing is filled with year of international to meet exhibit limited company
Address: Edifice of Hua Mu of the street austral Ma Liandao of division of Beijing announce military 12
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