Exposition of material of stone of building materials of 2009 Qatar internationa
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Extend meeting time: On March 30, 2009- - on April 2, 2009
Exhibit meeting site: Qatar breaths out international more exhibition center
Sponsor an unit: IFP exhibition group
Chinese group exhibits: Beijing is filled with year of international to meet exhibit limited company
Market introduction:
★ Qatar population from 2 years before 618 thousand jump to 817 thousand current, population increases the rapid growth that causes bldg. .
★ Qatar will build the biggest airport in place with 500 million dollar, its area will achieve 2200 square metre, and can accommodate the 60 passengers of 1 million every year.
★ Qatar is middle east one petroliferous country, have the biggest blame on the world associated gas cropland. The Asia Game was held in Qatar 2006, the government will be breathed out in how with north the outskirts of a city of 10 kilometers builds Olympic village, one also will build from the freeway that breaths out direct Bahrain more.
A few has every year income of ★ Qatar originates oil and natural gas (1.22 billion dollar came from liquefied natural gas and product of other the sources of energy 2003, the commerce gain of the others exceeded 800 million dollar. Prosperous economic atmosphere makes bldg. flourishing, to building the strong demand of technology, the sources of energy, housing materials and equipment, make Qatar makes the market of an extremely negative appeal. The rapid development of the tourism with this swift state makes industry growth rapid related the hotel. Pillar of Qatar home banking depends on commerce taxation, governmental policy supports trade development. Qatar government statistic: At present at least 2 billion dollar is throwing industry of oil natural gas, return the investment that can have 2.5 billion dollar in last few years.
Postpone meeting introduction:
2009 Qatar (breath out more) exposition of material of stone of international building materials attracts manufacturer of material of stone of many Arabia building materials, vendor, will direct contented cartel builds demand in great quantities. Should exhibit meeting general the trade dealings of the thalassic area such as chief of a tribe of couplet of business of strong hurried progress and Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, A. This exhibits the IFP of famous exhibition company that can exhibit meeting property by the world to undertake, IFP will give ginseng exhibit business to provide comprehensive and meticulous business service.
Qatar exhibited meeting general to exhibit business to offer those who come from world each district to purchase business to join 2009, and guide join exhibit an enterprise to enter market of Qatar building materials, qatar exhibition center is a good commerce place, on one hand place had avoided custom duty, on the other hand there it is ground of assemble of other country embassy. Current (the 5th) Qatar building materials exhibits the 1284 enterprises ginseng that drew 28 countries in all, the center of many haing exhibition that uses new extend first exhibits a house, besides 20 thousand square metre indoor outside exhibiting an area, exhibit still have outside the house special built 10 thousand much smoother activity house exhibits area and the open air of 10 thousand much square metre to exhibit an area. Pass pair of Qatar building materials the investigation of 2008:
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