Finishing of 2008 Wuhan international and eletroplate, exhibition of equipment o
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Begin time: 2008-09-23
End time: 2008-09-26
Hold a place: Wuhan international exhibition center
Contact: Forest firm
Connect a telephone call: 027-50702942
Sponsor an unit: Government of people of Hunan Province of government office of civil administration of person of province of Shanxi of government of people of province of Henan of government of people of province of Hubei of stimulative commission of trade of China International of Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
Undertake unit: Government office of civil administration of Wuhan city person

, exhibition program is arranged
1, show time: In September 2008 23- - 26 days, opening time: On September 23, 2008 morning 9:30
2, report for duty cloth exhibits: In September 2008 21- - 22 days, remove extend time: On September 26, 2008 afternoon 2:00
3, show a location: Wuhan international exhibition center, report for duty place: Hubei Party school of provincial Party committee
2, origanization construction
1, support an unit: Oil of China of union of Chinese machinist trade and chemical industry association
Guild of shipping industry of China of association of Chinese surface project
2, assist run an unit: Association of Chinese surface project eletroplates branch of outfit of besmear of association of project of branch China surface
Hubei saves finishing and besmear to install professional committee Hubei to save heat to carve plating major committee
3, couplet runs an unit: City of Wuhan of committee of job of material of facilities of consortium of Chinese exterior project eletroplates association
4, the group that enrol business exhibits: Wuhan city eletroplates association
Wuhan shows company Wuhan elegant gain via trade business affairs external (exhibition) labour trade limited company
5, audience organization: Government each appoint, do, hall, bureau
3, hold " Wuhan international finishing and eletroplate, besmear outfit is exhibited " industry setting
Carry out as the country " mid rise abruptly " development strategy and Wuhan city circle " two model society " construction undertakes integrated form a complete set is reformed pilot, international capital and coastal industry are accelerated to mid move, mid region manufacturing industry enters development peak. With its the demand of the product such as outfit of the finishing of form a complete set, besmear grows day and day, mid already made the market with countrywide surface huge project.
Wait each industry form a complete set a moment to satisfy metallurgy of electric equipment of mid area machinery, machine tool, car, shipping, building, hardware, national defence, war industry, aviation, spaceflight, petrifaction, light industrial, electron, metal the market of exterior project demand. The 9th " machine rich is met " add especially " exterior project exhibits an area " exhibit 160. For each industry surface project application offers the most superior new technology and new product, eletroplate to express face project domestic and internationally to reach, besmear outfit domain offers to reveal, trade, the main platform that draw lessons from and cooperates.
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