Natural Stone 2008 of exhibition of material of Turkey international stone
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Extend meeting time: On November 13, 2008, 16 day
Exhibit meeting site: Center of Istanbul international exhibition
Sponsor an unit: CNR international trade meeting
Exhibit meeting cycle: A year
Showpiece limits:
◆ marble kind: Agent of glazing of plank of desk of Dali flag, stone, patch block, marble, marble, marble barren expects;
◆ is granitic kind: Granite of grain of shape of material of agent of granite flag, plank, glazing, waste, granitic desk, grain;
◆ stone: Barren of material of floor of material of desk of material of adornment stone, stone, stone, stone expects;
◆ quarry machinery, equipment and tool: Natural stone treatment, carry with find a place for, diamond tool is made;
◆ abrasive: With the adhesive that marble industry concerns and tool; The dynamo.
Exhibit can brief introduction
Natural Stone 2007 exhibits a house in 6 80000 of smooth rice exhibit an area to be held successfully, should exhibit meeting general to increase to 10 to exhibit a house 2008, gross area is achieved 100000 smooth rice. There were 672 companies that come from Turkey churchyard 2007 among them, and Italy, the country of the large area such as Germany exhibits round ginseng, the visiting number of Turkey churchyard is amounted to 23, 008 people, foreign visiting number is 3, 617 people. Exhibit this can meet by CNR international trade hold, got Istanbul mineral exporter association (IMIB) , the collective support of association of material of Istanbul a unit of dry measure for grain and foreign trade ministry. Ginseng exhibit a company to exhibit can special satisfaction to this, audience discharge achieves course of study of person of the same trade to exhibit the height of the meeting to measure, by a definite date 4 days exhibited the product sale that can postpone a business to join to offer the biggest reveal platform.
Material of stone of international of Natural Stone 2007 is exhibited meeting, rose for Turkey marble not only famous degree, enlarged an influence, also obtained new technology and equipment to offer for Turkey home company convenient, machinery of the advanced treatment facilities that gives our country at the same time, exploitation, bearer provides the opportunity with entered Turkey market to offer absolutely good. Exhibit a house to be located in Turkey metropolis Istanbul, this is exhibited can have very large development latent capacity, will extend market of abroad stone lumber to bring infinite business chance for Chinese enterprise.
Turkey general situation:
Turkey is located in the place of Ou Ya have a common boundary, 3 annulus sea, situation is advantageous, can touch on the west the Balkan peninsula, east but radiation middle east and in inferior, north can pass the hamster before the Black Sea joins Wukelan is reached, can be linked together via mediterranean and North Africa south.
Turkey is one of the world's oldest marble production states, have 4000 old production histories. Turkey has resource of rich marble mineral products, according to data account, reserves of countrywide marble ascertain amounts to 5 billion stere, 40% what take world total reserve. Be opposite to promote Chinese stone material and stone material machinery, tool the exit of Turkey market, develop Europe and Asian market further, my firm enters line of business of the state-owend enterprise in the organization on November 13, 2008 - the exhibition of material of stone of international of Turkey of Natural Stone 2008 that in Turkey Istanbul international exhibits a center 16 days to hold.
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