Lake of the foot of mountain of Yunnan berth a surname 3000 mus of water area su
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From this year the summer rises, yunnan churchyard problem of many downy and laky pollution erupts in succession. Blue green alga of pool of afterwards another name for Yunnan Province erupts, after Yang Zonghai is polluted by serious arsenic, another downy and laky a surname thed foot of a hill or mountain recently lake 3000 mus of water area suffer water hyacinth " nibble " .
Lake of a surname the foot of mountain is Yunnan 9 big highland are laky one of, laky area 35.9 square kilometer, it is the important fountainhead land that industry and agriculture of county of cloud Nantong sea uses water. Wait for an influence as a result of aggravate of activity of mankind of lake area limits and laky oneself ageing, water pollution is serious with each passing day, 2 7 years 00, comprehensive assessment is bad Ⅴ kind (pollute) of the most serious level.
Local personage says, 2 2 years 00, head zoology rehabilitate project to carry out lakeside, the county that understand the of great capacity begins to cultivate water hyacinth in periphery of lake of a surname the foot of mountain. Purify to water quality at that time have positive effect, but sequel management does not reach the designated position, cause water hyacinth to the foot of a hill or mountain in a surname of eutrophication overgrowth of lake water system, arrive to already exceeded 3000 mus at present. "Stand in lake bank, the heart of lake of water hyacinth development of overgrowth is close 100 meters, cannot see lake water almost. Cannot see lake water almost..
Current, the water hyacinth of overgrowth already became the biggest species inside lake of a surname the foot of mountain group, create intense species competition, destroyed original ecosystem. In the meantime, float at lake face without fixed water hyacinth in great quantities, jam bayou, in current of the block up when flood season, carry litre of wadi water level, cause big calamity to happen. Annual Qiu Mo, 2 pollution that die because of a large number of water hyacinth and form already became the new pollution inside lake of a surname the foot of mountain source, the harm is serious.
It is reported, the county that understand the of great capacity expresses to will adopt cut of executive annulus lake corrupt treat corrupt wait for lake of the foot of mountain of a surname of multinomial project cure,
An expert points out bureau of Yunnan province environmental protection, expand economy for cost with sacrificial environment, as good as at kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. A few days ago, yang Zonghai is polluted by the arsenic of eduction of small chemical plant, the ability after water quality at least wants 3 years restores. This lake of a surname the foot of mountain erupts to be polluted badly again, ring noisy alarm bell for the ecosystem with flimsy Yunnan again.

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