Jin Tan shifts to an earlier date 15 months close business of 120 chemical indus
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Cut is consummate lunar base, 120 chemical industry that golden altar city compares difference of serious, productivity, establishment to lag behind not to amount to mark with sewage disposal to pollution produce an enterprise to be shut in the round, ahead of schedule 15 months finished those who save make known to lower levels to close the mission.
Golden altar city begins chemical trade from October 2006 since special punish, establish leader group, do good conduct propaganda to start, investigation tries to find out the real intention, supervisory examination, check oneself execute the law from correct, combination wait for the job. Environmental protection branch is increased " environmental protection night is checked " strength, 5 night are checked the group is a few righter go up for covering against the wind with curtain of night, the chemical production company that steals a platoon to exceed mark to discharge sewage carries out assault examination; Departmental door cooperates closely, produce to breaking the law, uniform ban lawfully, cancel and card is illuminated related revoke, and to social announcement.
To prevent resurgence, shut to be being instructed do sth without authorization resumes production, uniform press illegal production punish, be banned compulsively lawfully and investigate concerned personnel duty, make crime investigate criminal duty; Very small to the company that does not run for a long time or dimensions company is same give shut; The enterprise of sensitive to 120 keys beyond area and produce accident of safe, environmental protection and hidden trouble bigger the enterprise that does not rectify and reform again, include next close company list. In " close " while, they hold to zoology the principle with preferential, first environmental protection, withhold golden altar salt to change collect area and golden town to earth up area of abundant chemical industry only, have content of science and technology only tall, technology equips the project gift with advanced, little pollution is entered inside; Publish favourable policy at the same time, encourage chemical enterprise to enter garden, shut and change the line of production, company of production of this city all chemical industry will enter the end of the year to be reached into the area field in the round carry mark to transform, execute environmental protection integrated punish and sewage collection processing, still citizen water of green jade of a blue sky.