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2008 countries (Dalian) international builds the energy-saving exhibition that decrease a platoon to read extensively in Dalian world today square kicks off. Exhibit can exhibit with cloth, meeting, technology communicates forum experience of meeting, special subject communicated the form such as the meeting to reveal the relevant code that builds the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon policy, standard and new material, new technology and new achievement. Exhibit the meeting is public still showed Dalian city to build a list of names posted up of honor of company of the energy-saving star that decrease a platoon, commended 13 Dalian building is energy-saving decrease a high grade building dish reach 25 to build unit of technology of the energy-saving promotion that decrease a platoon.
Dalian city takes construction domain seriously very much all the time the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, insist to be guidance with scientific progress view, it is a purpose in order to establish zoology fitting room town, aggrandizement construction domain is energy-saving the job that decrease a platoon, obtained new positive result. Current, whole town living building 100% according to energy-saving the standard of 65% undertakes design and construction, the public construction of 100% according to energy-saving the standard of 50% undertakes design and construction; End by last year, accumulative total builds energy-saving house 27.5 million square metre, only this, annual but energy-saving coal of 350 thousand tons of mark, the carbon dioxide that decrease a platoon 150 thousand tons, 2 oxidation sulfur 50 thousand tons, dust 50 thousand tons, grey broken bits 85 thousand tons; Improve heat addition efficiency, managing the sources of energy, protected an environment. Accumulative total demolishs only station capacity area of 10 tons of boiler, heat addition is under 100 thousand square metre boiler room 721, boiler 1137, implementation adds area of collect heat addition newly 21.9 million square metre, heat addition efficiency by 68% rise 78% ; Whole city sewage disposal rate is achieved 90% ; Utilization rate of sewage second birth is achieved 32% ; Utilization rate of new-style wall material is achieved 100% ; Development bulk cement 4.87 million tons, bulk rate is achieved 68% ; Integrated utilization rate achieves fly ash 74% ; Construction of finished product house had progress, build 8226 industrialization to decorate finished product residence; Started environment of 1 million square metre friendly model residential demonstrative project; In built building promotion to use solar energy hot water and technology of solar energy smooth hot season; Begin to undertake having a building already energy-saving transform, exceed feebleminded cost the building is energy-saving reach but second birth the sources of energy (source of the sea, sewage heats up pump technology) pilot demonstrative project uses in the building; Began inside whole town limits already public construction and mechanism office build investigation of basic message state of affairs, undertook to 468 buildings of 380 units basic message state of affairs is investigated in all, draw-out 20 pilot buildings build project of statistic of specific power consumption as the first batch, undertake statistic of specific power consumption, audit is mixed fair show.
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