Edge of 8 the end of the year too town of lake organizational system builds sewa
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Jiangsu visits governmental general office recently transmit " about strengthening too the opinion that processing of sewage of lake catchment town works " (the following abbreviation " opinion " ) , should advance an edge further certainly too construction of facilities of processing of lake town sewage, ensure by 2008 before, town of all organizational system builds sewage to handle a works, make along too rate of processing of lake town sewage achieves 75 % above, achieve 90 % above to the end of 2010.
"Opinion " requirement, big thrust collects construction tubal a network into sewage of villages and towns, the bottom realized the sewage inside limits of program of catchment of each villages and towns to collect tubal net to be enclothed completely 2010. Begin town sewage processing to take off nitrogen except phosphor steadily technical reformation and job of processing of tail water deepness, ensure all town sewage before the bottom handled a factory to achieve standard of one class A to discharge 2010.
Current, jiangsu too lake catchment already built 169 town sewage treatment plant, formed day to handle 3.65 million tons ability. This year, jiangsu province started edge lake again 169 town sewage treatment plant is taken off except phosphor nitrogen and carry mark to upgrade transform a project.
"Opinion " put forward, should organize work out or sewage of revision district town to administer a program as soon as possible, processing of sewage of villages and towns plans to want to highlight sewage to collect tubal net and construction sequential especially, accomplish with catchment photograph of processing program, environmental protection program joins. After processing of each district sewage plans to be examined and approve by the program, regard the job as assessment and check and ratify " with award era fills " one of basises of capital.
In the meantime, want to increase capital of local finance form a complete set to throw strength, perfect town sewage disposal is in charge of network facilities, the actual processing bear after making sure investment of town sewage treatment plant moves inside 1 year not the 60 % under design ability, inside 3 years not the 75 % under design ability. Jiangsu is provincial special guiding capital is adopted " with award era fills " wait for means, advance town sewage disposal to be in charge of network facilities to build.
"Opinion " return a requirement, increase town sewage to administer superintendency strength. Each district should build pair of catchment to plan to carry out, catchment licence extends, the superintendency system that sewage handles plant tail water to amount to mark to discharge. Do not amount to the sewage treatment plant of mark to tail water, instruct deadline to rectify and reform, place in order to fine, cancel governmental subsidy policy, investigate concerned personnel duty.

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