Water of Sichuan elegant An Jiang gets cut off the water supply of contaminative
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As a result of China can company place belongs to overhaul of power station of city of copperhead, rain to need to put empty reservoir store water, cause a large number of silt to enter Qing Yijiang, tap water company cannot make water normally, cause 15 days 23 when the left and right sides stops water supply. Official announcement predicts 16 days 11 when water supply of sex of half recoverable phase. The reporter interviews know yesterday, population of the city zone 130 thousand all suffer an effect. At present this city water supply still abnormal.
Qing Yijiang becomes slop almost
Confirm partial section water supply still abnormal. What work according to be in a hospital is elegant install a citizen to swim the young lady introduced last night, she has done not have bath head two days, cooking is to arrive to want water to neighbour downstairs.
"Our rain the city zone suffers an effect the most serious. " citizen king lady introduces, qing Yijiang wears a city and pass, it is very beautiful at ordinary times very clear, but became cloudy like slop yesterday, although peculiar smell of it doesn't matter, but shrimp having a fish dies in great quantities, the river below many citizens scoops up a fish, a child does not scoop up half pails a little while. Suspicion has chemical pollution or having a citizen is an earthquake augural. Ms. Wang introduces, arrive 15 days in the evening at 11 o'clock, her home with respect to cut off the water supply.
According to introducing, the water intake of local tap water is in Qing Yijiang.
A large number of silt enter wadi
And according to elegant how to say for catchment firm office, overnight 8 when make, a large number of silt enter wadi, tap water company takes water dot 3 times to be polluted completely, turbidity exceeds normal close thousandfold, tap water company cannot make water normally, from 15 days in the evening 23 when make, cause this city whole town to cut off the water supply.
Yesterday midday 12 when make, layer of lowrise of the elegant part that bring city connects water, but tubal net is hydraulic very low, discharge is very small.
The reporter connects a line a reporter of local media, she tells our newspaper, yesterday morning, elegant bringing a citizen is to have a few panicky sentiments, suspicion is chemical pollution. But that day midday, concerned branch accepts a TV station to interview, roll broadcast, and city lash-up does to send a short message to tell a reason to the citizen with propagandist department.
Secretary of municipal Party committee expresses regret to the citizen
"Fish death is not chemical element or heavy metal pollution is caused "
Last night, window of elegant An Zhi appeared the interview that Xu Meng of director of standing committee of National People's Congress of secretary of municipal Party committee, city increases stalks of grain, he tells a citizen, waterworks stops water supply, the life that gives broad citizen brought huge inconvenience, he expresses cordial regret to numerous people on behalf of municipal government of municipal Party committee.
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