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In recent years, the success that geological park construction gained the country to make a person fix eyes upon, go in world front row. "The whole world shares geological park of 57 extraction bound, the country occupied 20, beijing has. " Zhu Shixue of vice director of office of government of geological park of world of Beijing room hill says proudly. Beijing is the capital that the whole world owns world geological park the first times.
Geological park builds achievement to make a person fix eyes upon
Geoscience of geological meeting travel and national geology park study the country Professor Lu Yunting introduces branch vice-chairman, the country is geological resource type is complex and diversiform, uniqueness is very strong; Build an aspect in geological park at present, country not only the amount ranks the world the first, the type also is the world most. The government answers the country actively the geological park plan that U.N. Educational implements, started 2000 " the park plans national geology " . Now, park of 138 countries geology is dotted at great river north and south, for people understanding phyletic and various geological landforms provided place.
Confused of extraordinary splendour of construction of national geology park presents the state. In the park of geology of country of Zhengzhou Yellow River that opening a shop newly, the tourist can see the Yellow River through electronic sand table panoramic, pass through " days channel " fossil of animal of understanding the Quaternary Period; Xinjiang noise made in coughing or vomiting park of geology of Home Na Siguo is collect geology vestigial, natural zoology and minority amorous feelings at an organic whole, the scene area area after the park plans will exceed park of state of American yellow stone.
The reporter learns from ministry of land natural resources, the country already had 20 worlds geological park, the amount occupies world first place high, yuan Chao ranks the 2nd, the England that has geological park of 7 extraction bound. Wild goose of Anhui yellow hill, Jiangxi cottage hill, Henan fleabane hill, Zhejiang swings hill, Fujian Tainingdajin Mount Taishan of hill of room of lake, Beijing, Shandong on a list of names posted up famous.
Protection, travel, scientific research is balanced develop
Lu Yunting introduces, the selection of geological park and construction have tripartite face sense. Above all, the important geology that can protect the earth to be formed in evolution of hundred million all ages is vestigial; The 2nd, these revealed the rugged course of the earth and life gradual progress racily, have cannot repeat and cannot replace a gender, because this has scientific research and popular science function; The 3rd, geological park has travel value, can drive region economy progress from this. "Geological park of world of Beijing room hill from hold to popular science of protection, scientific research and development to pay equal attention to at the beginning, regard the tenet that advocates garden as harmonious this at 3 o'clock development. " doctrine of bright red be an official.
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