Linyi asks to close stop violate build a project
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Government of people of Xiang Luozhuang division allotted bureau of environmental protection of city of Shandong province Linyi recently " the case that builds project of cooking, puddling about checking 3 enterprises such as limited company of chemical industry of Linyi old source of student break the law instantly " , government of division of requirement collect bank takes effective measures instantly, the act that violates construction to these 3 companies gives check, already of put into production should give stoutly stop production, building should give stoutly stop build.
Masses informs against 3 afore-mentioned enterprises to break the law built cooking and puddling project, bureau of Linyi city environmental protection executes the law personnel undertook in time investigating, proof masses is informed against belong to solid, ask government of Luo Zhuang district builds a project to give to breaking the law instantly check. But afore-mentioned enterprises continue to violate construction, partial project has begun to try produce, masses informs against report again. Bureau of Linyi city environmental protection asks government of collect bank division takes effective measures to check instantly stoutly again illegal behavior, stop to still be not being fulfilled build what ask with stop production, will seasonable report to branch of ranking environmental protection.