"Material of green bad news " call law to prop up
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Market of bad news lumber is fake the product is flush, because material of useless old bad news was not reclaimed correctly to use, cause pollution of resources waste, environment, it is the chronic and stubborn disease that industry of lumber of printer bad news cures hard all the time. And use technology of circular second birth treatment, achieve demand of performance of former outfit product " material of green bad news " the market has portion to be not worth 1 % however, applaud not draw a large audience. Investigate its reason, it is our country's special without still code and industrial standard to ink box, Selenium the bad news material such as beat reclaims have a standard, "Green is printed " legal environment have not perfect. Nowadays, shanghai takes the lead in establishing local standard, the purpose depends on introducing to industry of bad news lumber the course that circular economy grows.
Potential of market of lumber of second birth bad news is great
Committee of major of material of bad news of guild of the computer that occupy a country (CCIA) statistic, shanghai laser printer already exceeded 400 thousand, ink jet printer exceeds 1 million, if use up computation of 3 ink box every year with printer of every ink jet, shanghai produces 3 million poisonous ink box every year at least, the capable person of useless old bad news that its have % of 80 % ~90 is regarded as rubbish abandons.
Yu Yaxian of deputy secretary-general of Shanghai computer guild thinks, in fact, ink box can repeat use 3~4 second. Use technology of circular second birth to machine " material of green bad news " , specific power consumption is the 5 % that produce a new ink box only, the price is the 1/4~1/2 that installs ink box formerly. Accordingly, reclaim and reasonable use material of useless old bad news, it is the market with a very big potential.
1 year ago, shanghai computer guild and service of labor of disabled of Lu bay area are cooperated, built bad news material to run service station circularly, by disabled composition poineering group reclaims bad news material. Come 1 year, service station already reclaimed material of on 10 thousand useless old bad news, have close a hunderd schools to secure a client. "Many client nurturance good convention, every other phones us actively for some time, the demand comes to reclaim. Some industries recover to ensure amount, roll out new rule, interior changes material of the bad news that print, must with old change new. " Zhang Yao of director of institute of service of labor of disabled of Lu bay area says.
Shanghai is green columbine printer bad news material reclaims the normal business that the major that the company is attestation of branch of environmental protection of a classics pursues material of printer bad news reclaiming. Propose Introduction Wei according to general manager week, a blame that green columbine company is rainbow mouth area only so is normal obtain employment organization, can " grown " become normal company, give aid to energetically from what do not open government of rainbow mouth district, dispatch of door of Ceng Zhuan of bureau of environmental protection of rainbow mouth area, requirement " each unit does not get optional discard printer bad news material, should entrust technical company to unite examine reclaim, undertake retexture. " at present, the company already had many 20 to join in inn, year reclaim material of 50 thousand useless old bad news.
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