Heavy fist hits out Jiangxi closes 14 to pollute serious business again
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Recently, jiangxi province afterwards fell into disuse in August shut or after stop production processing pollutes serious business 36 times, violate an enterprise to carry out to the environment with 14 serious pollution again fall into disuse shut or stop production processing.
As we have learned, jiangxi decreases a working near future to gain active headway, especially nearly two months come the effect is distinct, but the situation still nots allow hopeful, chemical oxygen demand is cut down lag behind at time schedule, illegal blowdown phenomenon happens from time to tome.
Be in this to be fallen into disuse to involve 14 companies that stop, 6 produce per year 10 thousand tons of the following, liquid waste to exceed the small paper mill that mark discharges for a long time; Still 6 pollution administer establishment simple, pollution serious, masses reflects strong company or product line is shut; In the meantime, the not perfect to facilities of processing of two liquid waste, enterprise that cannot realize stability to amount to mark to discharge carries out stop production processing, it is industry of 10 thousand paper of Qing Lin carrying a county respectively limited company, Jiangxi is rich new paper industry limited company.
Bureau of province environmental protection asks afore-mentioned enterprise seat city, county (area) the government is in charge of fulfilling fall into disuse to shut and instruct stop production to administer the job. It is by October before, fall into disuse shut an enterprise to want to fulfil cut off the water supply cut off the power wait for coercive measures, stop production administers an enterprise to must halt production.
Jiangxi saves gross to do chief to say, papermaking industry is Jiangxi reduces a stress, fall into disuse in the first batch shut or 36 pollution that stop production administers are serious enterprise, have 20 papermaking company, fall into disuse in the 2nd batch shut or 14 businesses that stop production governs have 8 to be papermaking enterprise.
As we have learned, jiangxi province develops the organization environmental protection of company of complete province papermaking to amount to mark to hold the job next. Requirement papermaking enterprise must perfect establishment of useless water treatment further, raise utilization rate of useless boiler circulation, implementation stability amounts to mark to discharge, what amount to mark to discharge to cannot be being stabilized is uniform close stop. The sewage draining exit to enterprise of papermaking of whole town waste paper executed Ji An city to be sealed forcibly, with supervising and urge its complete the biochemical treatment of pair of papermaking liquid waste, the enterprise finishs deepness to administer establishment and at present already papermaking of 13 waste paper is passed check and accept, 5 enterprises are being built or try move.

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