How to let green fortune change true gold silver?
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Since next year, hubei province government will start zoology in forest zone of Shen Nong Jia compensation is pilot, increase 10 thousand mus to retreat for forest zone of Shen Nong Jia return n cultivated land forest index, press annual allow of every mus of 500 yuan of mark with allowance, include provincial finance the budget. Via calculating, this one compensatory contains Troy to be in 10 million yuan of above.
As we have learned, provide zoology compensation to the area with resourceful zoology as a whole by provincial finance, this still is belonged to in the whole nation first.
The characteristic of zoology emphasizes environmental protection is lasting theme
Forest zone of Shen Nong Jia was 1970 classics the State Council approves organizational system, save directly under the jurisdiction of, our country by Hubei exclusive with " forest zone " named ward. Joined person of U.N. Educational international and biosphere groove guard in December 1990 net.
Shen Nong Jia is global latitude area saves most whole primitive forest region exclusively together; It is period of glacier of the Quaternary Period all sorts of moving floral shelter and habitat; It year of store water quantity 30 more than stere, be equivalent to " Asian project the first lake " red estuarine reservoir year the 1/4 that average store water measures. because had it, annual but library area discharges little Xiang Sanxia silt many tons 700, its zoology state is directer the effect is whole China the climate balance of the area. According to green GDP statistic, shen Nong Jia only the green fortune of forest natural resources achieves 170 billion yuan, and this is planted fortune is ceaseless reborn.
This year, forest zone of Shen Nong Jia shines 2007 year " environmental protection report " : Ancient name for a water catltrop take an examination of Zhi to twist ⅰ Bian of ぷ of willful of an ancient nationality in China of army of barium of Sui of ㄏ of 8 mothers king crab guesses  to vase umbrella J enlighten?94 of ignoranting Piao of  of wholesale of brother's son  ton, chemical oxygen demand dominates 1090 tons annual plan; Quality of environment of whole area air accords with the day number of secondary standard to amount to 100 % , its accord with the day number of primary standard to occupy 98.6 % above; Environment of water of 4 old water system all achieves Ⅱ kind water standard; Target of contaminant gross control comes true entirely; Town of red level ground is had the honor to win " countrywide environment is beautiful villages and towns " title.
Abundant poverty removes protective trouble hard
To protect green money, shen Nong Jia paid price on real aureate money. 2007, GDP of forest zone average per capita is 8612 yuan, only Hubei saves the 57 % of average level.
"The whole world has a Shen Nong Jia only, cannot duplicate, can no more be born more. " Wang Haitao of secretary of forest zone Party committee says, if be only at the moment interest, many a few mine, much cut a few trees, GDP can rise immediately, but we absolutely cannot so dry.
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