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This year the beginning of the year, han Dan municipal government to 33 keys enterprise 42 projects carry out deadline processing, always invest 2.039 billion yuan, after the project is finished, can cut down 2 oxidation sulfur seventy-nine thousand seven hundred tons, chemical oxygen demand sixteen thousand six hundred tons. Current, 16 projects are finishing already, 7 projects are undertaking equipment is installed, 14 projects already start working construction. Project of to decoke of aircrew of 3 200 thousand kilowatt builds Han Dan heat and power plant join movement, equestrian head power plant finishs to decoke of aircrew of two 200 thousand kilowatt, project of to decoke of aircrew of a 200 thousand kilowatt is being built; Han peak power plant project of to decoke of aircrew of two 660 thousand kilowatt shifts to an earlier date start working; Han steel formal already start builds machine of agglomeration of 400 square metre and project of to decoke of machine of 9 agglomeration of Wu An city, predict to completed installation in December and investment moves. To this year the end of the year, group of large scale computer will complete company of power of Han Dan city entirely desulphurization task, the desulphurization job of steely enterprise also will achieve major breakthrough.
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This year, han Dan city builds project of town sewage treatment plant in all 16, always invest 1.177 billion yuan, after the project is finished, can reduce chemical oxygen demand sixteen thousand six hundred tons. Current, official already investment runs sewage treatment plant of new slope of summit summit mining area, Wu An; Magnetism county, into how, city east sewage 2 period, 4 sewage treatment plant such as city of Ma Tou industry already were finished on schedule and investment tries move; Equipment of sewage treatment plant of county of Qu Zhou, the Kingdom of Wei already was installed end; Gallinaceous lustre, always year, 4 sewage treatment plant such as contented of name, house already completed main body project, installing equipment; Face sewage treatment plant of Zhang, developing zone already start working construction. This year the beginning of the year, always year because prefectural 洺 river pollutes a problem to ever was in by bureau of Heibei province environmental protection the amerce with 100 thousand yuan. Now, as always year the building of plant of processing of prefectural town sewage casts carry and papermaking, eletroplate wait for an enterprise close stop processing, quantity of 洺 river water is compared before much, water quality also improves somewhat.
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Structural adjustment is implementation energy-saving the important way that reduces a platoon, han Dan city passes industrial displacement, optimize industrial structure, make high cost can, tall pollution industry exits historical arena. As we have learned, han steel closes thoroughly stopped machine of agglomeration of 5 24 square metre; Wu An city closes early or late stop banned 54 100 stere and the following small blast furnace, machine of agglomeration of a 28 square metre, two 10 tons of the following small converter, 15 produce per year 100 thousand tons to establish kiln and 6 Xiaojiao furnace below, 10 200 stere reach the following blast furnace, 3 20 tons of the following converter, wash out steely, cement, cooking to wait in all backward produce can many tons 600; Summit summit mining area closes kiln of ejector plate of 56 two small ironworkses, coal fired and 7 businesses 8 Jiao Lu, ensured pollution cuts down the implementation of the target. Always year the county is right of historical bequeath " 15 small " reach backward produce can comprehensive platoon investigates the company, ban company of naphthalene of refine of illegal refine benzene lawfully 118 the home, small eletroplate 14 the home, small puddling oil refining of 12 the home, earth 26.
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