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According to England " defend a newspaper " report, already to " carbon announces a plan " reported the enterprise of discharge capacity of its greenhouse gas includes housing brand Petroleum Company, this company admits what course of study of its oil refining and place of combustion of oil gas product arose 2007 to discharged gross to achieve 743 million tons, pass British whole nation high one year discharge gross. Return some companies also already to " carbon announces a plan " the detailed data that reported the enterprise is discharged, but the condition is these data cannot be released to the public, england of dynamic of use coal fired Delakesi power company is his one of.
The company that rejects to report to this organization carbon arranges data includes the whole world company of the 2nd big travel Thoms Cooke group (Thomas Cook Group) with intercontinental hotel group (InterContinental Hotels Group) .
"Carbon announces a plan " it is the biggest investor on the world collaboration answers climate change project to organize, represented the increase of investor of 385 finance orgnaization, palm of under one's name accused to reach the capital fund of 57 trillion dollar. The company that shares this plan is distributed to be mixed in different country industry, ask to report carbolic footmark and climate change are relevant information, include greenhouse gas to discharge the data, target that decrease a platoon and climate change strategy, announce the problem of discovery to supply the carbolic risk of catenary and responsibility in order to measure.
"Carbon announces a plan " Xin Pusen of · of Paul of presiding operation official (Paul Simpson) say, certain the company that rejects to participate in a project to cooperate claims the whole world becomes warm their business is not relevant, or they provide pertinent information without method.
At the same time he also admits, petroleum Company, England Petroleum Company still has housing card a few otherer the company releases extract from oil to smelt benzine a series of process place arise discharge your person to be anxious. "The greenhouse gas gross that the product place of company of mining industry of strong still like Petroleum Company of housing card, England develop discharges is very giant. But we should praise these enterprises are the first really the amount that all greenhouse gas that announces them to use a process to cause in production and product discharges, this is not the problem of a company, however the problem of whole society, because be our everybody,using these products. If those who be like this amount discharge a problem to need to solve, then we also face it only. " Xinpusen says.
Discharge photograph comparing with 587 million tons of carbon of British whole nation, of the bitumen arenaceous project that 743 million tons of carbon of housing card company arrange that part that comes out more to just be equivalent to this company developing in Canada discharge, company of force develop mining industry also has 660 million carbon to discharge, british Petroleum Company has 521 million tons.
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