Arrange 100 million yuan of Guizhou every year to advance decrease a platoon
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Guizhou Province the discharge capacity of chemical oxygen demand of 90 % originates sewage, town sewage handles the construction of the project to join movement is the crucial link that finishs chemical oxygen demand to reduce a job. Current, complete province already built sewage treatment plant 18, in build sewage disposal project 30, save sewage processing rate to be 36.78 % completely.
Guizhou Province government came on stage a few days ago " " 915 " hind plan of foul water of town of 3 years of complete provinces and rubbish processing project " , the regulation arrives since 2008 2010, province finance will plan special fund every year 100 million yuan, province construction hall and bureau of province environmental protection plan special fund every year 50 million yuan, cooperate the relevant capital such as national debt, use at saving sewage and rubbish processing project completely, with 3 years time solves above of complete province county basically (contain a county) town foul water and problem of rubbish processing project. Strive 2010, rate of sewage disposal of complete province town and rubbish processing rate all achieve 60 % above, chemical oxygen demand year cut down ability to achieve eighty-nine thousand four hundred tons.
Amount to the target of 60 % above to ensure implementation sewage disposal is led, complete province still needs start working to build project of 61 sewage disposal. 2008, guizhou Province plans to build project of 20 sewage disposal, planned to build project of 39 sewage disposal 2009, planned to build project of 14 sewage disposal 2010. To the end of 2010, complete province handles sewage quantity actually to will amount to one million two hundred and sixty-eight thousand four hundred tons / day, sewage disposal rate predicts to be 66.06 % , chemical oxygen demand year cut down ability to amount to eighty-nine thousand four hundred tons.
As we have learned, join movement to make sure project of each phase sewage disposal is built as scheduled, guizhou Province will execute various government " a party to an undertaking " system of job responsibility, increase cost of town sewage disposal to collect strength at the same time, build drive to restrain a mechanism, project of preferential to building the place that has made progress arrangement and capital; The place that drives not do one's best to the job offers notice of criticism not only, still will mix in capital undertake restraining on the project.
Because of half-baked decrease a platoon " responsibility book "
19 the 3 areas county that was restricted to approve by area this year in August, sewage treatment plant that because rate of progress of sewage processing project is slow,reach sewage disposal to measure short of to ask to be reported by early-warning are in area county, all rectifying and reform actively at present.  

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